Glimmering LLC

Glimmering LLC

Leslie and Laura Camacho help small business owners* grow successfully with a unique mix of advisory, brand strategy, and coaching services.

We work best with strong visionaries who are great at business development and need help building a profitable, ethical, and sustainable business so they can live holistically. Let's be real. You got money by overworking yourself. You are burned out. You are stressed from having people depending on you. And your personal life needs help. You want to continue to grow but you no longer want to sacrifice yourself and those you love in the pursuit of your vision.

We can help shape your success into an ethical, sustainable business you are proud to own. We have twenty years of experience helping visionaries get through what you're dealing with right now.

Take a breath. Fill out the form below. We will figure it out together.


Leslie & Laura

* We also serve as advisory board members for minority owned businesses and share our on-going adventures at, our website for progressive, Gen X families.

Work with Leslie and Laura

How We Work

  • Ongoing Services - Retainer based. Pricing is determined by a sliding scale. We require a minimum six month engagement.
  • Single Issue Services - You have a specific issue you want us to diagnosis and help solve. Minimum engagement is $4,000.

Teams We're Working with

We only take on 5 clients at any given time. If we are full, please reach out anyway. We will have additional openings in 2021. We can also recommend people if we aren't the best fit or simply not available.

Businesses We are Invested In

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