Our Mission - Why we do what we do

Our Mission

Glimmering is a light in the darkness; a word of hope to the hurting; a spark of inspiration to the seeker. We want everything we do to bring light and life to those with whom we work - and to the ones their lives touch as well. We believe there is no greater calling for us than to help others succeed - in life, in love, in business, and personal growth.

Leslie and Laura Camacho, your Marriage Startup Podcast hosts

Marriage Startup Podcast

This is where we explore how to be “married to the work” as entrepreneurs and yet also nurture a thriving relationship with our spouses and families. We've been working on finding that balance for over 13 years and this belief is what shapes the heart of the podcast:

The keys to a full life and good work are kindness and kaizen (continuous improvement).

This is your invitation to join us as we learn to love deeply and grow successfully.

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Clarity, direction, and healing. Help for the stuck places.

Wild Goose Guidance

Wild Goose Guidance is about the power of metaphor and the written word. Fairy tales, fables, parables all harness the magic of metaphor and analogy to unlock imaginations, illuminate reality, and guide right steps. Wild Goose Guidance can do the same thing for you.

Using a combination of animal folklore, intuitive writing, and her own wisdom and experience, Laura will weave together a message of hope, healing and helpful advice delivered right to your email inbox. When you work with her, you will have the opportunity to nurture the Truth that has been planted in your heart, and to take hold of the bigger, brighter life you desire.

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Leslie & Laura Camacho, co-founders

We’ve been spouses and business partners for over 13 years, now. We are at our best when we are working at each other’s side! We've got three kids so yes, we understand!

Leslie Camacho

Leslie Camacho

I help people succeed in life. I'm Pixel & Tonic's Chief Customer Officer where I get to help agencies and freelancers succeed everyday. As a podcast host, I don my "recovering ex-ceo" beanie, grab my mic, and help business owners & executives keep their hearts whole at home and work. Most importantly I'm a husband, father, and a man after God's own heart. I love hand-crafting the perfect espresso shot so much that I've earned the title, "Chief Espresso Officer."

Laura Camacho

Laura Camacho

I can see to the heart of a thing. It’s what makes me a fantastic writer and editor; it’s what makes me a wise and compassionate heart-guide. I believe that you were made for so much more than you are experiencing right now – more love, more joy, more effectiveness, more meaning and satisfaction. I believe that there is a voice of Love and Truth that is calling you into living life to the full. And I believe that I can help you right where you’re at, right now.